I may be a little bit late in saying it but HAPPY NEW YEAR, here is to an amazing 2018!

I have had a little bit of a whirlwind over the last few months, including flying home to England for a week over Christmas.  I was so convinced that I would be able to beat the jetlag and be absolutely fine to fly to the other side of the world for only a week, but I can tell you now that you cannot beat the jetlag no matter how hard your try!!  I was fast asleep at 4pm on Christmas day…Quick catch up on the holidays:

Christmas in England – FREEEZZZING COLD

Flew back for New Years in Sydney – saw the harbour bridge fireworks for the first time and they were AMAZING!

New Years Resolution.

Not being a big believer in resolutions, my actual resolution is to make a resolution and stick with it for 2018.

With big life changes and moving over to Oz officially at the end of last year, I haven’t been posting anything up on my blog for a little while. So my aim over the next year, is to share with you all my favourite things and places to go in Sydney and fingers crossed all the other cities/countries I get to visit in 2018.

Number 1 for 2018…….

Cronulla, Sydney

Within the southern shires of Sydney is a lovely little suburb called Cronulla.  Previously backpacking through Sydney, I had never even heard of the place, however, it has to be one of my most favourite places.  Only a 45 minute train journey away from the city, it’s a definite must visit for their awesome cafes, beaches, bars + great surf spots.

We often visit Cronulla on the weekends, and I have definitely found my favourite little place to visit for brekkie.


Located on the South Cronulla Beach, Zimzala is the perfect spot to look out to the sea and catch a great brekkie.

Now coming from a small village located smack bang in the middle of England, being able to sit in the sun and look out onto the sea, whilst sipping on an orange juice in the middle of January is nothing but a dream.

Cronulla is a MUST see!!

More Sydney recommendations coming soon.




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