London | Benihana Kings Road, Teppanyaki Restaurant Review

For all of you who may of already had the pleasure of going to a Teppanyaki restaurant, you will know how awesome they are.

However, for those of you who are unsure about what a Teppanyaki restaurant is, the definition is as follows:

A Japanese restaurant which serves meat, fish and vegetables on a hot steele plate in the middle of the table.  The name Teppanyaki apparently derives from the Japanese language where Teppan, is an iron plate, and Yaki, means to be grilled…. makes sense.

Depending on what restaurant you go to, normally, it is served by a chef who will do all sorts of cooking tricks, such as; juggling all sorts of kitchen utensils, some awesome food flipping skills, setting food to fire and if you are lucky you can try the food flipping into your mouth and just try to catch it in your mouth (beware though it is usually boiling hot!).

These restaurants are great fun and perfect for meeting up with friends + family and even going on a date (just watch out not really a budget option for a date).

Benihana…. I am sure that you would of heard of this international chain of Teppanyaki restaurants, who are based in LA, China, Australia and of course London.  They have had featured in the very famous movie Wolf of Wall Street, and I am sure many many more, and are worth a visit if you have the time to go one night.

There are now three awesome Benihana restaurants in London and are located in Chelsea, Soho and The City.  Definitely worth visiting with your friends for an entertaining Friday night out, I would definitely advise booking at least a week in advance to make sure that you get a table.

Watch the video below to check out some Teppanyaki cooking!

B E N I H A N A!!!!

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Happy Friday!!



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