Album Review | Aquilo ‘Silhouettes’


Hello all and a very warm welcome to the first album review of the year! As Evie has already mentioned, we’ll be keeping tabs on all things that the UK music scene has to offer, ranging from album/EP reviews to gig/festival round ups.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to an album created by pop soul duo Aquilo – the pairing of Lake District born Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher. Their debut album Silhouettes was released at the end of January and is the ultimate ‘grab a blanket and a cuppa on a Sunday morning’ album. Although quite melancholic, this album holds it’s own all the way through, each track differing from the one before meaning I’m less likely to skip through it…the signs of a great album! The vocals are what really carries this album,  they are so soothing and gorgeous paired with the piano and string crescendos layered throughout. The title track (and opening track) of the album ‘Silhouette’ is utterly beautiful and provokes so much emotion (even to the point that I had to fight back a tear when listening to this for the first time on my journey home from work.) With lyrics so personal and talks of love/relationships/loss it’s very easy for people to relate to this album. Aquilo are incredible at story telling and they also have the fantastic skill of being able to ‘set the tone’ within the first couple of bars of a track.

Although many tracks from Silhouettes are mellow and piano driven, tracks such as ‘Never Hurt Again’ and ‘Always Done What You Say’ introduce a more upbeat sound without straying from the albums overall tone. Overall, this album is incredibly diverse, Aquilo clearly have a great knowledge of music and aren’t afraid to stray away from traditional pop. This album is so comforting, especially on these cold wintery days. If you like artists such as Oh Wonder, London Grammar or Amber Run then Aquilo will be sure to satisfy your ears this month.

Aquilo’s album Silhouettes is out now.

Thanks for reading the first album review on the blog, 2017 is looking to be a fantastic year for music so keep your eyes (and ears!) peeled.



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