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View of the Sky Gardens restaurant & bar

For those of you that have never heard of Sky Gardens, it is listed to be one of the most spectacular rooftop restaurants in London.  Located in the world renowned Walkie Talkie building, close to Monument/Bank tube station, the Sky Gardens are located high in the sky on the 35th floor where you are able to look across the wonderful sky line over the city of London.

The entrance to the restaurant/bar is located at the back end of the Walkie Talkie building where you go through a very bizarre, airport like, security system in order to enter the lift that will take you up to the rooftop.

The unique aspect to the restaurant is the fact that the restaurant is a gardens in itself.  Walking up and around the staircase which leads up to the Fenchurch restaurant  you will find hundreds of flowers, bushes and greenery which makes you feel like your in a greenhouse instead of a restaurant.

The worst thing about the gardens aspect of the rooftop restaurant is that the temperature cannot be above a certain level to ensure that all of the flowers etc. can still live, meaning that the restaurant is actually pretty cold and you definitely wouldn’t be able to take your coats and scarfs off whilst your eating. A little off-putting for me.

We visited the Fenchurch restaurant for Sam’s birthday meal, which I have to say was absolutely incredible.  We could not fault the service, including the welcome into the restaurant where the FOH manager was extremely friendly, to our waiter Franco who explained everything about our the menu, food and drinks.

My favourite part of the restaurant was the perfectly timed champagne trolly which swings by your table shortly after you have been seated at your table. Think I need to get one of those for my flat…

We ordered the amazing Lemon Sole which was drizzled in a spinach sauce and the Lamb dish which was served alongside a mix of vegetables.  Both amazingly delicious and could not be faulted.

After dinner, we headed down to the main bar which had a much more relaxed vibe than the restaurant upstairs, with a DJ playing and the views were much better.  However, the decor and atmosphere felt a bit cheap to be paying £12 a cocktail.

Nevertheless, it is definitely worth checking out the Sky Gardens; it is free to pop up and see the views/the weird gardens in the sky but not sure it is worth spending a small fortune on a few drinks.

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Evangeline Laurel - Fenchurch Restaurant

Birthday Pudding with candle in the Fenchurch Restaurant (the cake had already been eaten haha)

Evangeline Laurel

Sam’s Lamb at the Fenchurch


My Lemon Sole at the Fenchurch


The Fenchurch Restaurant


Staircase up towards the restaurant surrounded by greenery


View of the Sky Gardens



Sky Gardens form the Bar area