London | Marathon Training – Blog number 1

As some of my readers may or may not be aware, but I will be running the London marathon this year, April 23 2017, only 81 days away!!

Obviously running the London marathon takes a litttllleee bit of training, and healthy eating to make sure that you can complete the marathon without completely dying.

Therefore, I have begun the slow slog of running frequently during the week and starting to eat as ‘marathon friendly’ as possible.

Evangeline Laurel - Marathon training
Evie and Daisy marathon training on regents canal, East London.

I have recently completed the Run Through Battersea Park 10k, to kick off my training and have also regularly starting running 10k on a weekly basis.  Now, I know that 10k is nowhere near to the 42.1km for the marathon, however, it is definitely a good start.

With doing a little bit of research online, I should be running about 16-18 miles by now….. Therefore I should really get training… I will keep you updated on my training schedule.

Coming soon is my 5 top eating tips for what healthy foods you should be eating if you are running long distances.

Comment on this post if you have any top tips for training and make sure you follow my blog for all good things coming soon 🙂



2 Replies to “London | Marathon Training – Blog number 1”

  1. Congratulations on taking on this challenge. Crossing that finish line is magical…brought tears to my eyes the first time (mostly tears of joy…maybe a little from pain, ha!) Good luck in training and don’t skip the long runs. The mythical wall of pain you hit around mile 20-22 is real. The long runs will minimize the crush of “the wall”.

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