London | Amazing Coffee Shop – Brickwood Coffee & Bread

Brickwood Coffee & Bread is the epitome of all things great about Australian food and coffee. The coffee shop is located down a quaint road in Balham, which sits alongside another great Kiwi coffee shop, Milk, and also a florist, deli, bakery and all great little shops that make you feel like you are in a market town in the country.

As you step into Brickwood, you are always welcomed by a friendly member of staff, and unfortunately more often than not, due to their awesome menu and great staff, you normally have to wait about 10 minutes to grab yourself a seat, but it is most definitely worth it.

The counter is full of aussie treats; Tim Tam’s, Banana Bread, Shapes, Solo and of course great coffee.

The stripped back design, exposed brick, and imaginatively decorated shop  makes a perfectly warm and inviting atmosphere to enjoy a brunch with friends and family.

I have one small moan …., the banana bread is £6.20 for a slice, which is incredibly expensive.  I have never eaten a slice of it, so it may be some sort of super power banana bread that will give you powers to fly to the moon.  However, I believe that is slightly too expensive.

Nevertheless, you should definitely go check out any of the three coffee shops that are located in Balham, Tooting Broadway Market and Clapham Common for a coffee and one of their deliciously tasty wraps.  Especially if you are an Australian living/travelling in London and fancy some home treats!!

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3 Replies to “London | Amazing Coffee Shop – Brickwood Coffee & Bread”

    1. Big up Tooting and Balham!!

      Agreed, I think I have been to all of the Brickwood coffee shops now, and love them all, and definitely worth the price!

      I will for sure check out your blog, thank you for the link – watch out for some more blogs coming soon!!

      Evangeline xxx

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