Opinion | Why we should all quit our jobs in London, and work virtually from Bali

Quite a drastic change of lifestyle I hear you say, however, as we have seen today; Donald Trump has been inaugurated as the President of the United States, and what we should really take away from today is to step back from what we are doing and just think for a second…… anything could happen tomorrow, UFOs could fly into Earth and take over the world, you never know!!

If Trump can be elected President of the most powerful country in the world, I think it proves that we can all do that thing that we have always wanted to do but have been told that we can’t, and maybe live a little whilst we try.

I might be having a few symptoms of the January Blues, mainly from the lack of vitamin D in my systems from the severe lack of sunlight that touches my skin, but I am not completely sure that this London life is for me. The constant miserable weather, alongside populations attitude that matches the weather down to a tee, unfriendliness and to be completely honest it is full of a demographic of people who are just trying to desperately social climb til they reach the peak of mount of Everest.

So therefore, I have just thought of a few reasons why life would be better if we all quit our jobs and started working virtually from Bali:

  1. SUNSHINE. Let’s be honest we are all much happier once we are in the sunshine!
  2. EASY LIVING. You won’t be constantly bumped into whilst walking to work or smelling that delicious armpit on the tube, but have fresh coconut water on the beach….
  3. RENT. You would probably be owning three houses in Bali for the amount that you rent in London
  4. FUN. Remember that thing? Fun times? Good times? maybe you will actually remember what it is

Don’t get me wrong London can be the best city in the world, but don’t be a closed minded Londoner, in which I have met plenty who seem to forget that there is life outside of the capital, and that if you don’t finish that report it really isn’t the end of the world!!

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Happy Friday!! xo


3 Replies to “Opinion | Why we should all quit our jobs in London, and work virtually from Bali”

  1. I can totally relate and I’m not a Londoner. My husband and I just lived there for only 6 months and it was enough! The pollution, crowd, and dare I say filth, were all things not attractive about London. We’re happy to be gone now. London is definitely a cool city to visit (we visited twice before living there), but it’s not a pleasurable one to live in — at least not for us.

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    1. Hi Angie, thanks for the comment! I can imagine that 6 months would definitely enough, there are some great parts to the city but often think that the downsides outway the upsides! Glad you are happy and outside of the big smoke! Thanks for visiting my blog, speak soon Evangeline xxx


      1. There were definitely some things I liked about The Big Smoke, but you’re right about the downsides outwaying the upsides! The great parts of the city just wasn’t enough!


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