London: NBA Global London – Indiana Pacers Vs. Denver Nuggets

“Get’cha head in the game.” (High School Musical, 2006)

Yep that is right, my knowledge of basketball is based on one of the great movies of all of my childhood…. High School Musical. I think that it must be pretty accurate then?

This post may need a little explaining as many people know that I do not follow basketball in any sort of way, however, Sam got us tickets to see the game as it was one of the few games that NBA global would be playing in London.  The NBA global games have been put in place to try and promote the game on a more global scale, as it seems to be a slightly skewed game towards Americans.

Therefore, it seemed like a great opportunity to learn about the game and pick a team that I would support from now on.  Indiana Pacers were the team that were playing on the night that we had booked tickets for, and they also had the most delightful colours of gold and blue… so I thought to myself they look like a great team and I will forever now be a supported of the Pacers (unless the LA Clippers are playing….. apparently).

For all of you non-basketball followers (and probably for me), here is a brief description of how the game works:

There are two teams of five players who are both trying to score by shooting a ball through a hoop elevated 10 feet above the ground. The game is played on a rectangular floor called the court, and there is a hoop at each end.

Here are a few funny slang basketball words, which may be cool if you learn…

alley-oop: A designed play in which a player lobs the ball toward the basket and a teammate jumps up, catches the ball in midair, and usually dunks it.

block out (or box out): Using the body to block or shield an opponent in order to gain better position to grab a rebound.

boards: Rebounds.

brick or clank: An especially ugly, misfired shot that clanks hard off the rim.

Unfortunately, even after all of the effort of picking the Pacers and getting the jerseys, they got absolutely slammed and were down by 28 by the end of the game (112-140), which is a pretty horrendous loose.

Even thought we lost, we had a great time and would definitely advise you to go and check out an NBA game if you can!

‘We are all in this together’ (The cheesy words of High School Musical, 2006).

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