Please Sponsor Me: Help me raise money for Mind (Mental Health)

Hope everyone had a great New Years evening and your 2017 has begun in a great way!!

First post of 2017 and it is going to a great cause!!

Yes you are correct in thinking that I have stupidly accepted the challenge of running the London Marathon in April this year (this wasn’t even a New Years Resolution….)!

I have very slowly begun my training for the painful journey towards the fun filled 26 mile (42 km) run! And yes, it is true that I randomly decided to sign up to the marathon whilst on a 20 hour bus journey down the East Coast of Australia (I think that I was potentially just incredibly bored)!

Anyway, I have decided to run for a charity called Mind, which is a charity which supports people with mental health problems.  One of my very close friends works with the charity and I would love to be able to raise money for the great cause.

As you may be aware from the many campaigns running around on social media, 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from Mental Health issues! Mind are an award winning charity which supports thousands of people per year through a number of different channels (phone lines, membership and networking, professional training and many other methods).

Mind have teamed up with the Heads Together campaign, which has been headed up by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.  Where they are campaigning to end the stigma around mental health.

By donating to this cause, your money will be used to help provide practical support to those who are suffering from many mental health diseases around the UK.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would help me raise money and click on the link below!!

Many thanks and Happy New Year!! xxxx



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