London -Queen of Hoxton Rooftop (Skye Halla)

Over the weekend I headed over to Shoreditch, where we visited the great Queen of Hoxton pop up rooftop bar, Skye Halla.

The Queen of Hoxton is part of the Mothership Group which owns a collection of great bars located in and around Shoreditch, they have also recently opened doors in 2015 in the seaside city of Brighton with a bar called Patterns which I am sure that is thriving.

Fortunately, TQOH is not located too far from my office in London City Fringe and therefore a perfect location for after work drinks.

However, a Friend suggested that we head over on a Saturday night to check out their new pop-up rooftop ‘Skye Halla’ bar, which I thought was a great idea!

The QOH is renowned for having  great pop-ups throughout the year including…. Rooftop cinemas throughout the summer and popping up a big bell tent on the rooftop throughout the winter to keep those hands warm!

The bar is located on the corner of Worship Street and Curtain Road, which is slightly off the main Shoreditch string of bars and restaurants which almost makes it better for a night – slightly ‘hidden’.

We arrived at around 8:30pm on Saturday night and did have to wait in line to get in but only for about 10 minutes.

We entered the fairly ‘average’ ground floor bar and headed straight up the stairs to the rooftop where we found a the Skye Halla.

As described by the QOH:

‘Presided over by beautiful Shield-Maiden Skye, Queen of Hoxton’s Winter Wigwam will this year be transformed into a Nordic Viking stronghold complete with long boat, feasting hall inside a WigWam, fire pits, driftwood sculptures and a plenty of drinking horns.’

And it was definitely a Nordic Viking stronghold!

It was super busy but the rooftop was full of great smelling food and fire pits where you could purchase a marshmallows with your friends to toast them nicely, alongside a tasty mug of mulled wine.

Definitely worth a check out this winter – comment for further details 🙂

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