London Day Out – Broadway Market

Broadway Market is one of London’s best and kind of ‘secret’ markets, which is nestled into the lovely East London.

Of course, there are plenty of hidden markets in and around London, nonetheless, markets such as Borough, Spitalfields and even Brixton markets are now full of tourists and actually not really that enjoyable, unless you like squeezing past that annoying family that don’t want move out of the way!

I have heard a lot about Broadway Market from colleagues at work, but never seemed to get the time to traipse all the way over to the middle of East London on a Saturday (mainly because I am a South London girl).

I finally got my arse up early on a Saturday morning and headed over to Broadway Market, see directions in the picture below:


As you can tell by the map it is not the most transport friendly location, but the perfect location if you fancy hiring ‘Boris Bikes’ for the day and cycling around the East London canals and parks.

Broadway Market is the perfect location for all Foodies, it is full of super tasty pop-up food stalls, bakeries, jewelry stands, magazine and book stands and it is surrounded by pubs and coffee shops for a little stop off coffee if you fancy a lunch or a quick sit down.

I have been told by someone that it is one of the most highly populated markets with ‘good looking women’ – I think some guy told me haha! But single guys…. if you looking then maybe this is the place to go.

Anyway, here are a few photos from the day and comment on this post if you have questions about the market 🙂

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 evangeline-laurel-broadway-market-2 evangeline-laurel-broadway-market-3 evangeline-laurel-broadway-market-4 evangeline-laurel-broadway-market-5 evangeline-laurel-broadway-market evangeline-laurel


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