London – Here East, The Breakfast Club, Hackney Wick

The Breakfast Club/ Hackney Wick

Weekends are all about brunch and having lazy mornings.  After spending 9 months travelling down the East Coast of Australia, there are ample day time, brunch, coffee shops and restaurants that serve delicious fresh/organic cups of coffee and all-day breakfast offerings.  However, returning to London it is a lot harder to find somewhere casual and nice to sit for brunch which serves good quality food.  The café culture is definitely becoming more prominent in London, but still has a lot of catching up to do to compete with the culture which lives in the suburb’s of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Nonetheless, I have heard raving reviews about The Breakfast Club which runs a similar ethos to those coffee shops in Australia.  I have tried to eat at a number of their branches in London in the past but never been able to get a table, due to their first come, first serve, ‘no-booking’ ethos.

However, I became aware of a new branch opening up in Here East (the old broadcasting centre for the Olympics), and thought a perfect opportunity to have a nice day walking around the Olympic Park and having a high opportunity to grab a table at The Breakfast Club.

The new branch is located right next to the canalside in Hackney Wick, about a 5 minute walk to Hackney Wick overground station.  We arrived at the café/restaurant around 11:00am and even though there was no wait to get a table, nearly every table had people sitting on it.

We were automatically given a small glass of table water by the friendly waitress and our order was soon taken for Scrambled eggs on toast and Smashed avo on toast with a poached egg.

The coffee was of ‘australian’ standard and the breakfast was super tasty.

It is also a great spot to take your Laptops and get abit of work/emails done on a rainy afternoon.

Highly recommended to visit The Breakfast club and the Here East canalside!!

Let me know if you have any further questions about this place 🙂

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evangeline-laurel-the-breakfast-cub-2 evangeline-laurel-the-breakfast-club




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