Best Coffee Shop in London | Allpress Dalston


 I cannot say that I am the biggest coffee fan in the world.  However, I found this little gem of a coffee shop up in Dalston called Allpress.

Allpress are Coffee Roasters and Espresso specialists, first established in New Zealand in 1986.

They now own a multiple of roasterys across the world including Auckland, Dunedin, Sydney, Melbourne, London and Tokyo.

The roaster Coffee Shop that I found in London, is located on 55 Dalston Lane, it is in a fairly well hidden location, close to Dalston Kingsland overground station (comment if you need any further directions to here).

It serves a lovely selection of food offerings alongside unbelievably great cups of coffee. There is also a space that they use on the first floor for barista training and I think coffee tasting.

All round, it is a great location to meet friends in the day (open til 5pm everyday apart from Mondays).  Even though it is slightly out of the way for some people it is definitely worth heading over to Allpress Dalston.

A link to there website is here, if you want to have a further read about the company.

Dalston is also a super cool little area to find some cool shops and restaurants if you fancy a nice day out.

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Some other photos I took from around Dalston.

p1020729 p1020730 p1020736 p1020742p1020738



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      1. I would love that! We lived in Spain for 12 years and managed a few trips driving up to England via the ferry. It was always so green and so beautiful! I’m plotting how to get back–but now we are so much farther away in So California. But I’m hoping! Love finding your blog !!

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