Evening Drinks | What I wore (Boutique of Molly)

Happy Friday!!!

It is nearly the weekend!!!


So I was looking for a super easy, casual dress to wear in the evening after work and stumbled upon Boutique of Molly online.

Boutique of Molly is a business that prides itself on bringing you the some great selection of dress/playsuits/accessories etc. at great prices.

I found the perfect casual dress, The Marie Dress, which fitted perfectly when it arrived!!

I really liked the style of the dress, and it would be perfect to wear to work and then put on a different pair of shoe to head out with friends.

I am sure to get a lot of wear out of this dress, even when it gets abit colder in London and I can pair it with a nice jacket and a pair boot heels.

Definitely go and check out their website; Boutique of Molly, and have a quick look at their new selection of dresses that they have just released.

Don’t forget to follow my blog for updates on new outfit reviews.


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