Summer Outfit Inspo | Sydney

Here is one of my favourite summer outfits from my time in Sydney.

It is now coming towards Autumn in England and yes unfortunately that means no more skimpy dresses and denim shorts but chunky knit jumpers and scarfs, which we can all enjoy just as much.

But since it is a gloomy day in England I thought I would reminisce on one of my favourite outfits.

Outfit Inspo

The picture was taken by a wonderful mirrored wall in Redfern, Sydney.

The white dress is from Billabong, which unfortunately is not on sale anymore, but definitely check out their selection of dresses as they have some great summery ones:

My sunglasses are from the lovely Meller brand, they are a relatively new brand with some awesome sunglasses, check them out here:

My black floppy hat is from Sport Girl, which is an awesome Australian retailer which I don’t think you can get in England but you can more than likely get the stuff online, check them out here:

And finally, my beloved watch is from Larson and Jennings who are a growing young, cool global brand who develop some great little watches which are perfect for casual and formal events, check their website out here:

Sorry, I can’t remember where my sandals were from but they are very basic tasseled sandals which you could probably get off ASOS!!

Anyway if you have any questions about the outfit, make sure you comment on this post.

Also, follow my blog for more outfit inspo coming soon!!!


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