Notting Hill Carnival 2016

One of the biggest street parties in Europe!!

It is also a vital date for all party lovers or travellers that are in London!

The celebrations also include soca floats, steel bands and a whole lot of jerk chicken and fried plantain.

Notting Hill Carnival is an annual festival which has been taking place in west London for 50 years.  It takes place in the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea over the two days of the August Bank Holiday.    There are a wide range of people at the carnival that will include: young children to great dance groups, everyone dresses up in the most amazing colourful costumes.

I have been to the festival for the last three years and I have always had the best time!!  So it is definitely something to put into your diary for next summer!!

If the sun is shining and the weather is sweeet yeahhh…..  you are bound to have a great time.

IMG_1376IMG_1372 IMG_1374

The main parade – this is an amazing array of colourful costumes, salsa dancing, floats and it will also contain alot of grinding.  The main parade runs around the outside circuit of the carnival and is something that anyone can join in and have a little dance!!

Within the smaller streets there a many small food retailers, smaller music dj stages and of course some great dancing!!

Claustrophobic – yes the carnival is incredibly busy and can be pretty claustrophobic as it can be quite difficult to get out of the main areas, but if you stay out of the particularly busy places you can avoid these areas .  If you have any particular issues with small confined and busy places then this isn’t probably the place for you.

Great Music – Music is the heart of the festival, with a huge range of different music which includes more traditional caribbean influenced tunes to the more contemporary sounds.  The carnival is most famous for the great reggae sounds but also contains some lovely more historical sounds like steel drums, which I absolutely love!!

After we finished walking around the streets of Notting Hill, we wondered off to a House Party, which was located just off the main carnival road which one of my friends from university was at.  It was a great little house party where there was a DJ playing outside the front window to a great little crowd.

Love Affair, The Loft Studios, Kensal Green – after the house party finished at around 9pm, a big group of us walked towards The Loft Studios, Kensal Green.  It was an amazing after party, after a long walk, the space up in the studios was great and the night had an awesome selection of House DJ’s.  Definitely watch out for some nights that they will be holding soon, it was a £30 entrance fee but definitely worth it!!

I had an absolutely awesome time at the carnival this year and would definitely recommend to visit if you can make it next year.

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Notting Hill Carnival 1

Notting Hill Carnival 4

Notting Hill Carnival 5  Notting Hill Carnival 7 Notting Hill Carnival 7 Notting Hill Carnival 2015


6 Replies to “Notting Hill Carnival 2016”

  1. Just over 30 years ago. I lived in Ladbroke Grove and during the carnival I was trying to get home-this was not easy and I remember meant abandoning the tube and walking a long way with a suitcase! The carnival is amazing. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

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      1. Maybe to visit. Would never have believed at 18 that I would become a country girl, but I am now, content to live in Devon. London will always hold a special day place in my heart though.

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