Post travelling blues | How to get over the blues

For anyone who has gone travelling for a mid to long time away from their home country before, is sure to have post trip depression of some sort.

What most people don’t realise that even though it is emotionally hard to leave home to go travelling, it is almost definitely twice as hard to come home after seeing all these amazing places and making some amazing new friends from all over the world.

One of my fears with coming home was that it would be like time had frozen at home and nothing would have changed, (everyone is in the same jobs, no one has moved houses and your neighbours still have that really annoying cat that you really never liked).

And to be completely honest I was right, nothing had changed, the people were the same and my family even struggled to pin point anything particularly exciting to tell me.

I had been warned by other travellers that the first 2 days of returning home would be the absolute worst!! You would still be slightly jet lag and quite emotional from the long flight from wherever you had been.  My major mistake was ringing my friends who were still over in Sydney in the bar that I used to work at, and whilst they were still having a blast over there in the sunshine I was stuck in my old house in the english countryside just hanging out with my dogs (IN MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!!).  So I may of had a small breakdown, but all is fine!!

It was almost like my time away had just been a super long and very detailed dream (but I am pretty sure it actually happened).  I obviously still love all my family and friends and it has been amazing to see them but in some ways I feel abit bored at home now, and just want to start travelling again.

What I would suggest in the first couple of days is to make sure that you have things plans and catch up with all your old friends instead of feeling sorry for yourself in bed all day (which trust me does not help!).

Obviously, one of the best thing is to be able to tell your friends all about the exciting places that you have seen, however there is almost too much to tell and so many stories that you would like to share with your family that you kind of just end up saying:

“yeah had a great time thank you, I absolutely loved it, what have you been up to in the last year…..”

I’ve learnt to kind of keep it short and sweet now just to try and cover all grounds quickly.

I have read that there are some forums online where people can talk together if they also having post travelling blues:

So go and check that out if you like.

I think the only way to solve this problem is to book a flight somewhere super fun and exciting soon….

Any suggestions??

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Here are some of my favourite photos from my travelling earlier on this year.





P1010059 P1010031











Noosa Head Lookout











10 Replies to “Post travelling blues | How to get over the blues”

  1. My longest stay outside the homeland was for 3 months. It was another continent and from the very beginning I was a bit depressed. Let’s say that first 2 weeks were used to get into the rhythm of another country)

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