My favourite breakfast smoothie recipes

I have recently become smoothie crazy!

The popularity of these lovely liquid assets are soaring and I love them.

Smoothies and juices are made using different techniques and also serve different health purposes.

Smoothies is the puree of whole fruits and vegetables where as juice is made from extracted liquid and the pulp and fibre is left behind.  This therefore proves that smoothies  have better nutritional value but both are good for you in their own way.

Smoothie are easy to make and a perfect breakfast meal that keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

When you make smoothies it breaks down the fibre and makes it easier to digest and releases those all important natural sugars into the bloodstream.

The good thing about making the smoothies at home is that you know exactly what is going in them and there will be no additives.

All you need to make smoothies is a good blender and simply a few ingredients to get started.

Here are some recipes to my top 3 smoothies (ingredients for 2 portions):

Berry Blast 

300/400ml Water (coconut water or almond milk)

1 x Banana

1 x handful of blueberries

1 x handful of blackberries

1 x tablespoon of plain yoghurt

1 x handful of quick oats

Note: The blueberries, blackberries and banana can be frozen or fresh (up to you)

Simply put all the ingredients together in the blender and blend until smooth.


Lean and Green


300/400ml Water (coconut water or almond milk)

1 x Banana

1 x handful of spinach

2 x slices of cucumber

1/4 x avocado

1/2 x kiwi

2 x chunks of mango

Again the fruits can be frozen or not (up to you).

You can also put ice into the mix to make it a bit colder.

Super yummy and healthy breakfast choice.

Chocolate Heaven

300/400ml Water (coconut water or almond milk)

1 x Banana

2 x scoops of cacao powder

1/2 x tablespoon of peanut butter

1 x squirt or spoonful of honey

1 x spoonful of vanilla or chocolate protein powder

This smoothie is super yummy and is a relatively healthy option if you love your chocolate.

I will be posting some more recipes soon :)))



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