Australia | The Whitsundays three day sailing trip (True Blue Sailing)

The Whitsunday Islands are spread wonderfully around 74 different Islands, all of the islands are surrounded by snow white sand and an infinity of wonderful clear blue sea.

Captain Cook was the founder of the islands in 1770 (over 340 years ago!!).

The most famously known beach is called, Whitehaven Beach, which stands out for its incredibly soft sand, and I was told on my Whitsundays tour that it was the finest sand in the world!  It is also illegal to take any of the sand from the beach and if you are caught doing so, it is likely that you would get a hefty fine.

There are many organised sailing tours around the islands which vary from days trips to three day trips.  We were advised to go on the three day trip with a company called True Blue Sailing on the New Horizon boat which holds 30 people.  There are slightly bigger boats that hold around 50 people and these boats are well known for there big parties and lots of drinking, if that is what you want to do.

The mainland costal hub to the Whitsundays is called Airlie Beach, which is a vibrant and exciting place, with lots of hostels to stay at and lots of beach side restaurants which makes the town a great place for backpackers and families to stay at.

Lily and I arrived in Airlie Beach after a short 6 hour bus journey after our amazing time on Magnetic Island.

We had two nights stay at the Base Hostel in Airlie beach, which I would call a fairly average hostel and would not particularly recommend.  It had very basic amenities and I didn’t find the staff very friendly. There were a few other hostels in the area so I would advise you to have a look at other options instead.

We set off to the harbour to get to our sailing boat at 1pm.

We were very lucky to have great weather whilst on the boat, it was already really hot but unfortunately a little bit cloudy at times (but it could of definitely been worse).

Here are some of my photos from my sailing trip 🙂

P1010041 P1010042

Bohemian Raw Cafe, Airlie Beach

We sat and ate at Bohemian Raw cafe which was so awesome.  There were a load of delicious smoothies and food options.  It was slightly expensive with a smoothie coming out at around $11 but they were very large and super yummy.  Definitely, check it out if you can find it.

Click see more to see more photos of the Whitsundays.

P1010048 P1010049 P1010050 P1010051 P1010053 P1010054 P1010055 P1010056 P1010058 P1010059

Colouring books

There were also a big selection of colouring books at the cafe which kept me entertained whilst we waited for the boat to arrive in the harbour.


First night!!

We finally got onto the boat around 3pm and we loaded our weekend bags into our sleeping sections.  We all got assigned beds and Lily and I got told that we would get the best bed in the room but I think they only told us that because it was the smallest and had least headroom in the whole of the boat… this was not ideal but ah well…

We anchored in a sheltered area close to one of the islands for the first evening on the boat and we simply all put on some stinger suits (around the whitsunday islands are known for having quite deadly jelly fish in the area and we always had to put these on when we went into the water) and jumped off the boat into the unbelievably warm water.

After we all dried off, we were ready for dinner.

The tour supplies you with all meals and snacks whilst you are on the boat.  All the meals were really tasty and plenty of food to go around.  The only thing you need to bring on the boat is alcohol if you want it.  We bought a box of goon and some ciders which was plenty for two night between two.

P1010065   P1010075

Day Two

Our tour guides were really nice to give a super early wake up call at 6:30am for breakfast and we started to head towards our next destination which was Whitehaven beach.

We are all looking pretty happy to be up so early.

P1010078 P1010081 P1010083

Whitehaven beach…. how incredible!!

P1010087 P1010091 P1010092 P1010094

After a few hours on the beach, we headed back to boat and sailed to our next snorkelling destination.

P1010097 P1010099 P1010113

Beautiful sunset from day two!


Day three

Day three we were woken up again at the early hour of 6:30am and we were all a bit hungover.  Although it was totally worth it for a bit of paddle boarding in the sea, a perfect hangover cure!

P1010115 P1010119 P1010120 P1010125 P1010126 P1010129 P1010132 P1010133 IMG_0209 P1010141 P1010143 P1010145 P1010146 P1010147

After a bit of sunbathing and snorkelling we headed back to the mainland which took quite a few hours and arrived to Airlie Beach around 1pm.

It was an amazing 3 day adventure and it is definitely something you should do whilst your out in Australia.  True Blue Sailing were amazing at taking care of us and the tour guides were really good fun, definitely check out True Blue Sailing if your in the area.

We also had a welcome back party in Airlie Beach the evening we got back, this was a great opportunity to catch up with everyone that we meet on the boat and to see them on the land and normal(ish) clothes.

Hope you have had the chance to go to the Whitsundays or I would definitely recommend you to plan a trip over there if you can.

Thanks for reading,



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