The 10 best things about travelling!! Friends, Culture, exploring….

Why you should give travelling a go and you will definitely never regret it!!

1.  The people


This is most certainly the best thing about travelling.  Since I have been home from travelling I have been asked by so many people what was my favourite part of my trip and what would I do again.  It is so hard to answer the question when you have so many things you need to tell them. But I always just tell people that I have just met the most amazing people along the way and I am sure that I will keep in contact with them for a long time.

Its so nice to meet people that are outside your groups of friends from school, university, jobs etc. who genuinely give you a new and very refreshing perspective on how you look at things.

I can say for sure that I have made friends for life and from various countries around the world who have just made my experiences 10 times better and really love them for that.

2. Challenge


Doing something different, having the ability to wake up every morning and being able to do something crazy.  Do something that challenges you even if its just small things like making a new friend or a bigger thing like jumping out of an aeroplane, it’s all good fun.

It will sound super lame, but you do only life once! haha

3. Freedom

Freedom to just do what you want.  Especially if you go travelling by yourself.  You don’t have to answer to anyone if you don’t want.  You can just pick up and leave at anytime and start a new adventure in a new town.  There’s no other feeling like it.  Fear/Freedom.

4. Adventure

Unfortunately, you don’t often make some amazing stories from your 9 to 5 job in the city.  However, exploring the world you will make and cherish hundreds of memories that you will live to tell years down the line.

5. Learn who you are

It will sound super cheesy and cliche, and I this was not really why I ended up going travelling, but in a lot of ways you learn things about yourself that you did not necessarily know before.  Putting yourself in these difficult situations where you have to mix with people that you would never do at home and learn new skills to travel to different cultures is just something you would not really learn in your own country.

6. Breakfast at 3pm

A pretty lazy point.


Ok, so I do have to say that I love breakfast and who doesn’t!! Whether it is simply a bowl of cereal or for some other people scrambled eggs on toast with avocado, if I could eat these foods for every meal I definitely would (not sure it would be a very good diet though).

Although, when you are travelling you don’t have to be up for work at 7am and it is likely that you can chill in bed all day and have breakfast when you want!

My favourite thing ever.

Also my most favourite breakfast place is somewhere called Blackwoods Pantry which is located in Cronulla, Sydney.  They have an incredible all-day breakfast menu running until 4pm and the staff are just really lovely!

7. Making strange countries feel like home

You could be on the other side of the world and be in a completely different time zone than your family and friends but that just does not matter.  I am not going to say that I never got home sick, but sometimes you just have to forget about everyone at home (sorry I still love you all) to really immerse yourself in the once in a lifetime experience and make the new culture feel like home.

8. New foods you have never tried before


I used to be the most picky eater in the world… like genuinely, no butter on my bread and almost impossible to take out to a restaurant because everything would be too creamy or saucy or just not plain enough.  However, since I have been travelling I have become the most experimental with my food.  I had to say to myself wherever I was that I had to try these foods because it would be rude not too.   My favourite dish so far has to be a dish called Dragon Chicken which is an Indonesian dish that consists of simple marinated chicken in lots of spices.  I would definitely recommend this dish if you can get it somewhere in Asia but specifically in India as it is UNBELIEVABLE!!

9. Hostels

This is going to sound like a weird point because who really likes hostels?? But I actually do!  It is an amazing way to meet lots of cool new people by literally having to share a room.  Yes, it is not always the most ideal situation and it is likely that you will have plenty of dick heads in your room at some points but most of the time you will meet some awesome people and just have a great laugh!

Actually coming home and having a double room to myself is quite lonely and just wishing that some of my old roommates can move in with me ASAP! please 🙂

10. Having loads of fun!!

Just forgetting about those small annoying things that you have to worry about in day-to-day life and just having the best time ever!!

I just cannot wait to get travelling again (once I have earned some more money).

Please comment and let me know your favourite things about travelling.  I would love to hear them.




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