Healthy Breakfast Smoothie – Berry Blast!!

I have recently become a smoothie and juice making enthusiast.

Check out my favourite new Breakfast smoothie receipe!!

The beginning of my love for all things juice related came from my first job in Australia which was at the lovely Blended Health bar in Noosa Heads.

They did an amazing range of healthy snacks which included:

Acai/Breakfast bowls
Frozen Yoghurt
Protein Balls
All things super good for you
Now I am back home in good old blighty, there seems to be a lack of juice stores around which makes it hard to get the super yummy juices that I used to drink.

My favourite new obsession is to make delicious fresh smoothies for breakfast.

They are super easy to make and a really refreshing, healthy start to the day!!

The one I made in the video above is called Berry Blast.

Ingredients (for 2 medium sized glasses):

300ml Coconut Water
1 x banana
Handful of Blueberries
Handful of Blackberries
1 x Table spoon of plain Yoghurt
Handful of Oats

Try it out, it is super tasty!!




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