QUEENSLAND TOUR!! First stop Cairns – Gilligans, The Great Barrier reef and Uncle Brians Forest Tour

Lily had a carrot of a time in cairns #nofilter!!!


Read further to see what we thought about Cairns.

I had heard various things about Cairns on my Travels around Australia, some good and others not so good.

I had heard from a lot of people that Cairns, and as being on of the largest tourist destinations in Australia, I was not expecting anything particularly exciting. I had also heard that for Backpackers was similar to a cheap european party town, such as, Magaluf or Ayia Napa. Unfortunately, I have visited Magaluf (as a leaving holiday from sixth form in 2011) and can’t say that it was my favourite place in the world. Which had therefore put me off travelling up to Cairns for what could just be a fairly cheap drinking destination.

On the otherside, I met plenty of other people who have had a great time in Cairns where they enjoyed a few nights out and met a lot of super friendly people and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful seaside location which is right by the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

However, I had come to the end of my three months in Sydney and had decided that during my last month in the amazing country of Australia I should definitely make the effort to fly up to Cairns to mainly see one of the seven natural wonders of the world – The Great Barrier Reef.


What we got up to in Cairns

Stayed at the infamous hostel – Gilligans

Gilligans has for sure got a reputation for being a large party hostel, where you will be warned that you probably won’t sleep for the entire time of your stay.

I think that Gilligans is the perfect place to start off your travelling experience in Australia as you will be more than likely in the party mode and wanting to meet lots of people with quite a few drinks.

Highly Recommended – Gilligans hostel is one of my favourite hostels that I have stayed in Australia. It has great facilities which include:

Clean, modern and well sized rooms
En-suite bathrooms
Great Location
Good kitchen facilities (not often found in hostels)
Friendly staff
Large Pool
Relatively cheap restaurant or Lunch or Dinner
Large club located just downstairs for great nights out and a very short distance to get home
Reasonably Priced

And… they have crocodiles in the bar (pretty cool) .


I have put a video below that you can check out which shows you a pretty standard night out in Gilligans and how much fun it can be!!

All round a great hostel and would highly recommend if you’re planning to travel up to Cairns!!
The Great Barrier Reef

One of the largest tourist attractions in the world and is located off the coast in North Queensland. It is the largest living thing in the world, with the 600 different types of coral which is inhabited with various different colourful fish (including Nemo and Dory) and hence why it is one of the most visited places in the world.

Passions of Paradise

We had been suggested the Passions of Paradise dive boat from Base Travel when we booked the Queensland east coast trip.

I had not heard any recommendations to go on Passions boat but we were sure that we would have an awesome time no matter what.

We met at the early time of 7:45am at the Cairns harbour to start sailing off to our destination on the Great Barrier Reef.

I am very happy to say that The Great Barrier Reef is just as amazing as you would expect. Unfortunately, due to the bleaching of the reef it has lost some of its colour during the last few years but still an amazing experience.

Most definitely a MUST DO in Australia!!



Introduction Dive

I finally took the plunge to take my first introduction dive in one of the best places in the world.

It was an extra cost of $70 on the boat but totally worth it!!

I had previously been quite scared at the idea of diving due to not having complete control over your breathing. However, my instructor on the Passions boat was extremely calm and made me feel completely at ease. Once further down in the water and looking at the incredible coral and little fishes, I can say that it was the most peaceful thing that I have ever done.


Go check out Passions of Paradise Facebook page for some further information about them.

Uncle Brians, Fun, Falls and Forest

Uncle Brians forest tour is a bus tour which takes you deep into the forest on the Atherton tablelands.

We were greeted by the super friendly Uncle Sid who kept us up in high spirits all a day.

The day itinerary included the following locations:

Babinda Boulders – rainforest, short walk and talk, plus morning snacks
Josephine Waterfalls – A three stage waterfall with an awesome swimming hole
Tea House – For a tasty lunch
Milla Milla Waterfalls – Peter Andre ‘Mysterious Girl’ Waterfalls
Lake Eacham – a volcanic crater lake over 60 metres deep, plus afternoon snacks

Babinda Boulders


Josephine Waterfalls – Including a super fun waterfall slide


The famous Peter Andre ‘Mysterious Girl’ waterfalls


Lake Eacham 


A big spider

Big Spider

Peace out from Evie and Lily!!!

Lily and Evie

Enjoy Cairns!!!

We had the best time!!


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