Valentines Days in Sydney 2016 – Darling Harbour and Sky Tower

Love is in the air!!


As a traveller Valentines Day is not expected to be particularly romantic as normally you are not surrounded by people that you know particularly well but obviously there will still be plenty of love to share.

Sydney was definitely on the case and Darling Harbour was all loved up.

My friend Lily and I got up in the morning and decided that even though we don’t currently have boyfriends we would cease the lovey dovey day anyway.

We headed straight towards darling harbour where they had decorated the area with the theme of love.

We had a quick walk around and gathered some photos from the area.










After our quick walk around Darling Harbour, we decided to visit one of the big tourist attractions in Sydney which is the tallest building in the city which is called the Sky Tower.

Sky Tower is located at the top of the central Westfield on Pitt Street and it is about a 5/10 minute walk from the Town Hall station if you want to go and visit it yourself.

At 250 meters tall, it is pretty high in the sky and a perfect way to see the great sights of Sydney from the sky.
We paid only $15 to get up to the top of the tower but the normal price is slightly higher (around $25).

I am going to be completely honest and say that I am not sure that it is worth the money. The sights are great but the visit is short and I don’t think that the visit was completely worth it.

However, if visiting tall buildings in cities is your thing then the sky tower is great!!




Later on we bumped into a great busker who was playing the drums (plastic buckets).


His name was Drummer Gordo and he was great so I thought I would share a little video of Gordo to finish of my not so lovey dovey Valentines day post :).




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