Hello Fresh!! Awesome food, super easy and healthy!

I am sure that many of you have already heard about Hello Fresh, the fairly new fresh food delivery company that was started a few years ago in the UK.


Within the last year or so the company has significantly expanded with many new subscribers across the world and not to mention being put on the market and having millions of dollars invested into the company to help its global growth.

Read Further to see what we cooked 🙂

The concept of the company is amazing and basically you can get different packages based on your type of household. However, I got to try out the classic 2 person box for a week which included 3 meals (dinners) for 2 people in the box.

The box simply gets delivered to your door with fresh, local ingredients inside (all ingredients picked within 24 hours before getting to your door!!! SUPER FRESH).

The company are working with Master Chef and Jamie Oliver at the moment to put together the meal recipes.

All you have to do as a customer is follow the steps on the recipes and you have an awesome dinner for 2!!

Easy Peasy!!

What I also liked about the concept was that you get different recipes each week with the box, which means that you get to try out different types of food and get to know how to cook them.

So here are a few pictures from the super tasty Pork Schnitzel meal me and my friend Lily cooked last week.

All the food is delivered in these lovely boxes, a cooling bag is placed inside to ensure that the food is kept cold and fresh until you pick the box up when you get back from work.


Super tasty ingredients!!


Lily is excited to be cooking!! haha


All the things we needed for our meal, wrapped and ready to go.


Model Lily, showing us how to grate cheese! Good job girl!


Preparing the Schnitzels.


Watch them sizzle…


And the finished product….


Unfortunately, I am still staying at a hostel so I couldn’t make the final meal look too pretty but think it looks pretty good.

There you go, super easy quick meal with everything to your door.

I loved using Hello Fresh and will definitely again in the future but unfortunately cannot subscribe at the moment as I am travelling but would recommend to anyone.

Let me know if you have used Hello Fresh and the meals you have made 🙂



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