10k Run Around Town – The best way to sightsee

I have found that one of the easiest and best ways to first see a new city and to find new, cool areas is to go for a run around the city. This can either be running around for just 2km or you can really commit and run for around 10/15km.


I have started to do this on my first or second day when arriving in a new place as you then have a great way of realising how the city fits together and where to go for drinks with your new friends.

I recently arrived in Sydney and currently staying at the Base hostel which is located on Kent street, a perfect central near the Town Hall. This Hostel averages at around $30 a night to stay here, but there is obviously options to stay in more private rooms where it will be slightly more expensive.

The hostel is super close to the Town Hall train station and bus stops and of course close to lots of shopping on George and Pitt Street. I would highly recommend staying here in Sydney (and the staff are super friendly too ;))

So on the first day I went on a long run (about 15km) around the city, where I visited the Sydney Opera House, Botanic Gardens, Harbour Bridge and the CBD. I do have to say that I did get very lost and the run ended up being longer than I thought.

But here are some of the photos that I took on the day, hope you enjoy:

Botanic Gardens lookout to the CBD


Lovely Harbour Bridge


Near the Opera House where they were setting up a stage for Australia Day


Awesome lookout to the Harbour Bridge


Me running haha


Of course the Opera House 🙂


The Docks near the Harbour Bridge (not sure exactly what this area is called…..)


There you go!!

I have actually recently had an infection on my foot so will not be running for the next couple of weeks but will update my running around the city when I can.

Lots of love



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