Fraser Island – Paradise in Australia

Fraser Island is definitely the best thing that I have down yet whilst I have been travelling.

It is an Island which is located just off the Eastern Queensland Coast and is the world’s largest sand island (The same size as Hong Kong!!).

An amazing experience where you will be driving 4WD vehicles down the beach and through rocky roads, visiting amazing places which include:

– Lake McKenzie
– Eli Creek
– Champagne Pools
– Indian Head
– Lake Wabby
– Eurong Resort
– Maheno Wreck

Read further to hear more about the island and to see some more pictures 🙂

I booked my Fraser Island tour with Nomads, where they offer 1, 2 or 3 day trips, where instead of camping you are placed in a resort where you stay in dorm rooms (which is a more comfortable stay if you don’t fancy camping and staying with the snakes and spiders).

It is known for being a real escape from real life and a travellers dream destination.

The nomads tour picks you up directly from Nomads Noosa and drives you to Rainbow Beach where you collect your 4WD vehicles. I would recommend going with Nomads as the trip is hassle free and everything is planned for an easy trip to paradise.

Our tour group had 26 people and we where put into 3 different super cool 4WD Toyota Land Cruisers.



There were 8 people in our Land Cruiser and of course I nominated myself to drive first. This was my first time driving a 4WD vehicle and it was sooo fun!!

Day 1 – We headed towards the ferry which goes between Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the Ferry and a 15 minute Ferry journey and suddenly we were driving on soft sand on paradise!!

The Island was super busy as we went just after New Years Day and I have to say that I don’t think that I have ever seen so many 4WD cars in my life (but it was pretty cool to see).

The first day we headed straight to Lake McKenzie, which is one of the most famous location (most likely to see photos from your friends on Facebook) in Fraser Island.

It was a beautiful fresh water lake located about 10km from the resort we were staying at. My friend Jasmin drove down the very windy, sandy and bumpy road towards the Lake, whilst she was driving the rest of the car was enjoying bumping around in the back of the car and listening to some music.

The Lake was beautifully blue and the sand was so golden.

We had to of course take some photos for Facebook.





That led us to the end of Day 1 and our kind tour guide Gav cooked us a dinner back at the resort.

Day 2 – We woke up early at 6am and headed straight to the top of the Island to see the Champagne Pools.

Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worst and was raining by the time we turned up at Champagne Pools, so I do not have any photos. But they are basically rock pools located closely to the sea where when the waves crash agains the rocks and they explode like a Champagne bottle (hence the name). Also located in the pools are oysters (Champagne and Oysters, what more could you want).

We stayed at the pools for a couple of hours (in the rain…), and then moved onto Indian Head.

Indian Head is the most easterly point of the Island and has the most incredible views into the never ending ocean. It is said that Captain James Cook named this point as he stood looking over the Island and saw Aboriginals standing on the headland.


We then headed to Eli Creek, which is a natural creek where you can float down the river. If you have ever been to Centre Parks in England it is like a slower version of the Rapids.


Our final stop on Day 2 was the Maheno Wreck, which is a famous Japanese ship wreck. The ship was driven ashore just north of Happy Valley during a cyclone in 1935. The beautiful ship wreck has been there for over 80 years and as it slowly sinks into the sand, it is likely that people will no longer see it within the next 5 years.






Day 3 – This was our last day and we were all very sad to be leaving.

Our last destination was Lake Wabby, which is a small green coloured fresh water lake surrounded by giant sand dunes. The lake is filled with different varieties of fish, which include the little nibbly fish which bite the dead skin of your feet (we treated it as a kind of a mini spa).

The Lake was absolutely beautiful and to be honest my favourite location of the whole trip!!


Fraser Island was an amazing trip and would absolutely recommend anyone to go if they are in Australia.

Please let me know if you have been and what your experience was like on the Island.

There are some more photos from my trip below.

Keep reading my blog for some further adventures of Australia.

Evangeline xoxo



IMG_5961         P1000589






6 Replies to “Fraser Island – Paradise in Australia”

  1. This makes me SO jealous! These pictures look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and the experiences sound like so much fun! Keep up the blogging! 🙂


    1. Thankyou! It was amazing, you should definitely check out the East Coast of Australia if you have the chance. I just checked out your blog and it looks like you have some great recipes! I am just getting into cooking and will definitely take some inspiration from your blog! Speak soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is definitely on my list that I want to do before I turn 25 😀
        Couple of my friends did a year abroad (work & travel) and they were so excited about this country.
        Aw thank you so much! That means a lot. If you don’t mind I’d feel honored to receive a feedback of you.


      2. Yeah for sure, what’s your plans with your site? Have you been doing it for long?? It seems like there needs to be quite abit more content? But the layout is looking awesome!


      3. I just started my blog 2 and a half week ago. And I’m planning to do more posts all couple of days so there will be more content soon.
        I want to share my journey to live as healthy as possible with all the struggles our modern lifestyle with junk food offers. There will be easy healthy recipes, food FAQs. And on my story’s section will be various kind of different stories of my life that matter to me e.g I’ve been to London with my nana that was one of her biggest wishes and it was an honor to make her dream come true…
        Thank you! 🙂


      4. Ah wow! Not had the blog too long and already looking good. It sounds like a great concept, and I would say that if you keep up with what your doing and you will start to gather a large following in no time. I wish you the best of luck! I am sure that I will speak with you soon. 🙂


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