Nomads Noosa!! Hasting Street, Great Hostel Life and good place to be for a Christmas whilst travelling

Hands down the best Hostel in Noosa

After working and living in the hostel for two months and having to sadly leave a couple of weeks ago. I would still highly recommend Nomads in Noosa to stay if you are travelling through the East Coast.

Picture below: Watching the sunset over Noosa in the National Lookout Point (Highly recommended, the views are amazing!!)

Noosa Head Lookout

Read further for some recommendations about hostels in Noosa 🙂

Christmas Party

Picture above: The Nomads Noosa team at the Christmas Staff Boat Party

As I have said before in my Blog posts, Noosa is an up market Australian holiday resort. It is full of lovely beach shops and nice restaurants located close to the beach. Unfortunately, it is a place that is often overlooked by backpackers due to the fact it is relatively expensive and known for not having very good nightlife. People often just stop through on there way to or on the way back from the famous Fraser Island.

Unfortunately, Nomads hostel in Noosa does not get the representation for various reasons and I am definitely not saying that if you would like a luxurious stay in Noosa that this would be the place to stay. If you would like a cheap stay, located in between the beach and large supermarkets, friendly staff and a pretty fun bar to go at night….. this would definitely be the place to stay.


There are five main hostels to stay at in Noosa which are as follows:

– Flashpackers (Inbetween Sunshine Beach and Main Beach)
– Dolphins (Located on Sunshine Beach)
– YHA, Halse Lodge (Main Beach)
– Noosa Backpackers (Located in Noosaville)
– And of course Nomads (Located in Noosa Junction, close to main beach)

I am not going to bias and honestly say that all of these are good hostels and are good for different reasons.

Picture below: Me with all of the bus drivers from the hostels (Hanging out at the Bus Station as cool Mini Bus Drivers do!)

There are a list of amazing things to do in Noosa, which include the following:

– Great Shopping on the famous Hasting Street
– Amazing views
– Beautiful Beaches
– Great surfing spots
– Great coffee and brunch spots (10 Hasting Street)


– 3 hour coastal walk (National Park Walk)

Picture below: captured at the Fairy Pools located near Hells Gate in the National Park.


– Friendly people
– Everglades trip (Can see details in previous blog post)
– Visit Fraser Island (Next blog post about Fraser Island)
– Eumundi Markets (Local Food and Retail Market)
– Many, many things

It was sad to say goodbye to Noosa and everyone that I have met there, but moving onto Sydney to see what happens there.

Let me know of your experiences in Noosa and where you have stayed.

Lots of Love xo






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