Weekend in Brisbane – Sam Smith, Christmas Markets, Southbank & Sunshine



I a couple of weekends ago I visited Brisbane and had an awesome time…

Saw Sam Smith at Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Stayed at the hostel Base Uptown
Walked around Southbank
Christmas Market
Back to Noosa

Read further to check out more photos from my weekend.

So the lovely Jasmin booked us tickets to go and see Sam Smith in Brisbane which also got us the opportunity to have a change of scenery from Noosa.

I can’t say that I am a particular fan of Sam Smith, I have not listened particularly to his music apart from obviously the big hits like:

– I’m Not the Only One
– Lay Me Down
– Stay With Me

But honestly it was an amazing concert and would definitely advise people to book tickets when he is next on tour.

Also, his support act, Emma Louise, was incredible.

Check out this Youtube clip to see some of her great music:

Unfortunately, it was Sam’s final concert of his Lonely Hour tour but it means that he will be off making some new great music for us all to hear in the next year or so.

Here are a few photos from the awesome concert:






That night we stayed at a Hostel called Base Uptown in Brisbane which is located closely to the Roma Street bus station. I would highly recommend staying here if you want a relatively cheap stay with clean rooms, easy accessibility to the city/shops and transport to move onto new locations for backpackers.

The following day Jasmin and I only had a few hours to have a quick look around Brisbane and do some shopping.

Picture below: Me fitting in well with the Kangaroos in town 🙂


We also fell upon a lovely Christmas market located on Southbank. There are often little markets located on Southbank which are definitely worth visiting.

See some of the photos below:





P1000537 P1000538 P1000539


P1000544 P1000550


Hope you guys all had a lovely Christmas and New Year…

New post up soon about Fraser Island and the awesome time that we had there!!!!!

Speak soon xoxo


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