Noosa Everglades – Sunshine Coast’s Hidden Paradise

This week my friend Jasmine (pictured below) and I took a day trip to the Noosa Everglades.


There are only two everglades in the whole world, one situated in Florida and the other Noosa.

I have been in Noosa for over a month now (crazy!! Time is going super quickly) and considering the everglades is one of the biggest tourist attractions here, we thought that it was definitely something that we needed to do whilst we were here in Noosa!!

Read further to find out more about our day and for some awesome photos.

First of all I thought that I would explain what an Everyglade is and why you have to go and visit.

An Everglade is a large natural region of tropical wetlands. Often compared to a grassy, slow-moving river and the area contains hundreds of animal species. These areas are meant to be the most amazing spots to canoe through.

There are two different everglade trips that you can do in Noosa, you can do them with the following companies:

– Discovery or
– Kanu Kapers

Both companies do similar trips, however, Discovery does a boat trip as well as the canoeing, whereas Kanu Kapers you have to do all the work and canoe the whole way which could be slightly tiring on the arms.

For that reason we decided to use Discovery for the day trip, you can also make a trip out of it and do either 2 or 3 day trips where you can camp overnight. I would of loved to of done a longer trip but unfortunately we both had to work the following day. The day trip cost us $120 but it was totally worth it!


11:00am First of all we got onto the Discovery boat from Noosaville alongside 25 other people. Dave was our tour guide for the day, who was absolutely hilarious.

He showed us a few interesting parts of the river whilst we were on our way to the everglades.

This included the Hillbilly Hilton which is pictured below:


We also saw Sir Richard Branson’s Island which is located just outside Noosa. It is called Makepeace Island, the island is heart shaped and Sir Richard built a luxurious resort on the island for 22 exclusive guests for only the price of $10,000 a night (a little more than the average backpackers is looking to pay!). We only got a really quick sneak peak of what the island had to offer but I had a quick look on their website afterwards to see what they had to offer. Click here if you would like to see Makepeace Island.

11:30am The day carried on with a tea break where we were supplied with ample tasty biscuits and soft drinks.

12:00 noon This is when our group got split into two groups and the first half canoed to our lunch destination and the other half carried on in the boat up the river for lunch.

12:30pm We were in the second half so Jasmin and I carried on in the boat towards our BBQ lunch.

1:30pm We arrived at our destination where the guides had already started up the BBQ and our lunch was on the way. Whilst we waited we ventured around the island and had a quick swim in the river.

2:00pm Delicious lunch was ready. Before booking you decided whether to have a steak or fish meal. I went for the fish and it was soooo tasty.

Picture below: My delicious fish meal alongside a salad and some white wine.


Picture below: Our guide Dave cooking up the Steaks


Picture below: Jasmin enjoying her steak


2:00 As we were in the second group, it was now our turn to canoe down the beautiful river.

See some of our pictures below from our canoe.




3:00pm We had finished our hour canoe, headed back onto the boat which took us back to Noosaville.

4:00pm We reached back to Noosaville to catch our bus back to our hostel.

We both had the most awesome day and would really recommend the trip to anyone who passes through Noosa. Unfortunately not a lot of people do the trip but if you have the spare cash definitely book the trip.

See some further pictures that we took on the day below.

Speak to ya later xoxo





P1000501     IMG_5700


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