Noosa Heads – My most favourite place in the world

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Noosa Heads is a small town suburb within the shire of Noosa. The town is around an hour and a half’s drive north of Brisbane. The small town is located very closely to the beach and is known to be one of the most beautiful spots in Australia. It is one of the more up market beach towns due to the clientele that is brought here from local cities and it is about on par with Sydney for how expensive food and accommodation is. However, it is definitely worth the money for how pretty it is.

Personally, I did not hear of Noosa before coming to Australia however I have met people from all over the world since I got here raving about the place.

My friend Elaine, who I met on my first day in Brisbane, left my after our short trip in Surfers Paradise as she was meeting an old friend who has settled in the beautiful Noosa.


After a good 9 days in Byron, I decided that it would be good to move on and see new things. I had decided quickly that I would travel up to Noosa to see Elaine and see all the great things people had been talking about this small seaside town.

I took the 7 hour Greyhound bus from Byron to Noosa (changing at Brisbane). Surprisingly, the bus journey went pretty quickly and met some cool people whilst on the bus to have a good chat.

Leaving Byron at 11:30am and arrived in Noosa around 6pm.

As I have been extremely relaxed whilst in Australia (I am normally quite organised), I had not booked a hostel/hotel for when I arrived, it is actually quite good fun not knowing where you will end up when you arrive in the new town/city (however I would suggest if you are travelling in high season it would probably be a good idea to book hostels before you arrive as they get pretty full).

So I arrived at Noosa Junction and bumped into a man who was picking up people for Nomads hostel in Noosa Heads and with good luck there was space for me!! woo!!

I then arrived in the hostel where I was placed in an 8 person mixed dorm room which was around $32 per night. The room was very basic with just beds and a bathroom but it did the job.

As soon as I arrived I got a message from my friend Elaine and was quickly swooped away to dinner with her and 3 lovely girls at Mooshka, Sunshine Beach.

Below: My Mushroom and Halloumi salad I had for dinner (highly recommended)


The dinner and the girls were absolutely lovely.

The next few days I spent walking around Noosa, towards the beach and around the beautiful national park.

Below: Me on Sunrise beach where I spent the evening watching the sunset. Elaine and I shared a bottle of Prosecco (shhh – you are not suppose to drink on the beach).




I am currently still in Noosa enjoying the beach and good weather.

I was fortunate enough to find a job here at Blended Health Bar which is located on Hastings Street which is close to the beach.

Hoping to spend the next couple of months here so will keep you updated with photos and blogs about my time here.

Peace out xo



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