Byron Bay – Love for all things Hippie



So I have heard a lot of great things about Byron Bay and how everyone falls in love with this small town.

So Lisa and I decided to head down on the Brisbane to Byron Express bus to check it out.
We got the bus from Roma street in Brisbane which was quite easy to find. However, due to my serious over packing of my rucksack, making it ridiculously heavy to carry around and also bringing two extra hand luggage bags, travelling anywhere is pretty difficult and I would advise anyone who is new to backpacking to pack light as it makes it a lot easier to move around!!

The express bus was just $38 and we arrived in Byron in just under 2 hours.

Byron Bay is the most easterly town in Australia and is known for its hippy, cool surfer dudes, chilled out vibes and friendly people (what else would you want?). It is definitely one of the most favourite beach holiday destinations in Australia.

We arrived in Byron without booking a hostel but luckily a friend had suggested a cool hostel called Aquarius to check out. We arrived at Aquarius hostel and booked our accommodation for the next week. It was a more expensive hostel than the previous hostels that we had been staying in but at $33 a night it still was not too bad, and, that included a free dinner every night. It makes it a lot easier not having to prep or go out for dinner (and a lot cheaper) so realistically think we will be saving quite a bit of money from having a “free dinner” at the hostel every night.

The first night we were pretty tired so just decided to have a quick walk around town and get some rest for the evening.

The picture below is from the walk along Byron beach on the first day.


Unfortunately, on the first couple of days in Byron the weather was not very good, so instead I decided to complete my RSA, which is an online test that you need to do to be able to work in restaurants and cafe to be able to serve alcohol (I would like to get a bar job here so something that I needed to do anyway).

Due to the not so great wifi in the hostel the online test took me a whole day to complete but I passed!! woo!!

That evening we had met a nice group of people at the hostel and decided to head out to one of the cool bars in town called Woody’s. The bar was really cool and designed like a beach shack and the night was super fun with a nice new group of people.

We got told by someone local that there was a lovely walk/run up to the lighthouse to see some beautiful views. The next morning Lisa and I decided to get up at 7am and walk up to the lighthouse for a bit of exercise.

The walk was so lovely and on the way there was some suggested work out areas which we decided to do along the way.

The walk was slightly longer than anticipated (about 2 hours there and back from the hostel) but would definitely suggest anyone visiting Byron to head up there.

Below: picture of the views from the lighthouse.


Below: Me doing some yoga stretches by the lighthouse.



Below: Love this local bin which has been painted like a VW camper-van.


Later on in the day we hung out with some great people we met at the hostel on the beach and played some really funny daring games, which consisted of me hugging a lifeguard, our friend Joe salsa dancing with a latin man and our Norwegian friend undressing a man. It was pretty funny!!

We are both absolutely love it here in Byron Bay so are planning on staying here and finding jobs, so will keep you updates on how it goes 🙂

Peace out xo





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