Surfers Paradise


Above: Me on Surfers Paradise beach.

So last week Elaine and I had met a lovely Kiwi guy in our hostel in Brisbane. We were both abit unsure of ours plans post Brisbane, but our friendly Kiwi mate told us he was off to Surfers Paradise, which is a holiday destination just south of Brisbane.
We knew very little about Surfers Paradise apart from a few pictures that we had seen from our friends who had been previously and the pictures looked beautiful. So, of course, we decided to head down to Surfers Paradise for a few days.

We soon packed our stuff and headed to Surfers Paradise via Train to Nerang, caught the bus to Cypress Avenue in Surfers and then got on a Tram to our final destination in Surfers.

Through a recommendation from a friend from home, we decided to stay in a hostel called The Islander. Due to the fact it was a mixed hotel and hostel it still had all the extra luxuries like a pool and nice bar on the ground level for just $20 a night.

This was in a 10 bed female only dorm, but it was filled with very friendly girls from a variety of places like Germany, England, Korea and France. Staying in hostels is really the best way to meet new people and even though not always the nicest accommodation, you will never be lonely in a hostel.

Surfers Paradise was a beautiful place, filled with tall glass residential/office buildings, alongside amazingly blue skies.

The first thing we obviously had to do was to go to the beach and check out the super golden sand (and the surfer dudes). Unfortunately we did not meet any cool surfer dudes :(.

The beach was amazing but unfortunately incredibly windy so didn’t stay there for too long. We were also hoping to surf whilst we were on the beach (I mean surfing is in the name, so you kind of have to), but unfortunately the surf is known to be particularly tricky and only for pros (which I am not, haha).

We later strolled around town, which was full of cool surfer brands and some cheaper retail alternatives.

Later on in the week we decided that we should probably check out what the nightlife is like in Surfers. Unfortunately, due to the rugby world quarter finals being on during our time in surfers it was full of groups of rowdy lads out for a ‘boozy’ time.

However, considering we knew that we would be bothered and heckled by rugby lads, we still headed out to see what we could find.

The atmosphere was good but to be completely honest the nightlife was similar vibe to the party towns of Ayia Napa or Magaluf. Which is definitely good fun but was not what I was expecting.

The other fun thing that we did was pay $90 for ticket which allowed us to go to three theme parks within three days:

– Movie World (Warner Bros. Theme Park)
– Sea World (Aquarium)
– Wet n’Wild (Water Park)

We went to Sea World and Movie World which were definitely worth the money and especially a great day out if you have kids. But would advise you to go early in the morning to get the full experience as we only got a couple of hours in both parks.





Overall, I would say that Surfers Paradise is a good holiday location but overall not a lot to do and would not really advise backpackers to go.

We had a great time but we are off to our next location…. Byron Bay!!

Peace out,

Evangeline xo


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