Sunday 18th October 2015


Brisbane is my very first stop in Australia. It is the capital city of the Australian state of Queensland, it is well known for its vibrant and outdoor lifestyle and their friendly locals.

So I was very excited to see what Brisbane had to offer me.

After an extremely long flight from London Heathrow to Brisbane (via Hong Kong).

I finally arrived at my hostel, Base Central at 12:30am. I arrived alongside another young girl called Catherine who had hitched a ride in the same connection bus shuttle to the hostel.

Even though it had been a long 24 hours of travelling, I was excited to be in a new and exciting city and was lucky enough to find a young Danish girl called Elaine who also was keen to go for some drinks and potentially meet some other backpackers in Brisbane.

We headed straight out to a backpacker club called Down Under (located directly underneath the hostel). The club was good fun for the first night but it was definitely a very student type of club.

We met a few nice guys and partied on late into the evening. The guys found our english/danish accents hilarious and agreed to teach us some Aussie slang:

Wranger – Ginger
Bogan – Chav
Fruit Loop – Fool

And some others that I can’t really remember right now.

After the late hours we headed home and slept through the day (Which was not good for our Jet Lag).

The next couple of days we spent trying to find our feet in Brisbane and where was good to go.

South Bank

South Bank is located on the south side of the river that passes through Brisbane. It is known for its wide range of restaurants and bars but primarily for its art and culture.

Winding through South Bank is a beautiful archway which is covered in greenery and pink flowers.

Below: Elaine and I with a man dressed as a chicken to promote a local chicken restaurant.


A little further down in South Bank is a city lagoon, which is a man-made beach where you can sunbath and swim. Elaine, Callum (Another guy from Kent who had just moved into our room in the hostel) and I ventured down to the Lagoon to spend our first hours in the Aussie sun. It was a beautiful day and I hopefully got a bit of a tan. The lagoon is a great place to go and chill for the day and can say for sure that you would not get this opportunity to sunbath on a man-made beach in the middle of a UK city (Mainly due to the terrible weather).


We have now accidentally spent two nights at the very cool club called Cloudland which is located in an area in Brisbane called The Valley.

It is primarily a Pan-Asian restaurant which changes into a large and exciting club in the evening.

Thursday night was the first night that we experienced Cloudland.


There was an interesting crowd at the salsa night but the dancing was great and an amazing vibe.

Saturday was the second evening we went over to Cloudland which was a different type of night, a more pop/house club night. The club was twice as busy but Elaine and I got talking to some nice Brissy men who were out for the evening.

I would definitely suggest to visit Cloudland if you are wanting a fairly classy evening out with a little dance.

Click here for the link to there website where you can see some more photos of the restaurant/club.

Where are we going next??

Well I am similar to a lot of people travelling around Australia and will be working part-time to fund my travels. I am currently just trying to sort out my details so that I can get a job over here in Oz.

This includes doing the following:

– Tax File Number
– Oz Bank Account
– Applying for an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol), I will need this to be able to work in Restaurants, Bars or Clubs
– Oz phone number (New sim card)

I think that is about it for now.

However, Elaine and I have decided to move onto Surfers paradise next week to check it out and fingers crossed meet some cool surfers 🙂

Peace out.

Be back soon 🙂 xo


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