Brisbane: Part 2 (Reunited with an old friend)

So today is the day that I get to be reunited with one of my Best Friends (Lisa) from childhood and we haven’t seen each other for at least 4 years.

Lisa used to live a short walk away from my house in the same village in England. As young children, as we went to the same primary school we often spent every second with each other.

And today we will be REUNITED!!

Lisa moved over with her family to the South of France when we were both around the age of 13. My family and I went out to visit them a couples years after they moved out there but unfortunately after that we did not really stay in touch.

Fortunately enough we bumped into some family friends in the local pub at home before I came out to Australia who are still in touch with Lisa’s family. There were inquisitive as to what I was up to after graduating from University, when I told them that I would be travelling/working in Australia for the year in October. This is when they informed me that Lisa would be moving over to Brisbane within the same week as I was.

This was a MASSIVE coincidence!!! (how strange)

I messaged Lisa on Facebook messenger straight away to find out her plans.

Lisa soon messaged me back to tell me that she plans to work in Brisbane for 6 months within a very similar time that I will be there.

This was very exciting as it was quite comforting that she would be travelling in Australia by herself too and as moving half way across the world is not that easy, seeing an old friend is very EXCITING!!

Lisa will be arriving at my Hostel reception shortly, so will head off to get ready to meet her.

Will post some photos later.

Peace out.



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