ROAD TRIP – Driving through France to Moliets-et-Maa!


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So earlier on this summer myself and a few university friends decided to take a trip to the South of France to Moliets-et-Maa for a week of surfing. Due to stupidly leaving to book our flights too late and therefore the flights became too expensive, Katie and I decided to drive down to the south of France and take Road Trip from Oxford to Moliets-et-Maa (1,287 km away). Not a small drive.

15:00 – The first leg of the Journey was from Oxford to London to pick up our friends Visa to get him into France.

 Road Trip

17:00 – This was where the first hurdle of our journey was incurred, arriving at the visa office we were soon notified that our friend’s visa was declined and he would therefore not be able to continue the journey with us. He was surprisingly not too bothered about the fact that he had packed and was ready to come to the South of France. But unfortunately there was nothing that we could do, so we dropped him off at the Shepherds Bush Oxford Tube bus station and off he went back to Oxford.

Then there was two.

17:30 – Off we set to Dover!!!

19:00 – We had nearly made it to Dover, until we suddenly made some car friends on the motorway. The car was full of three boys (two in the front and one in the back). They started waving at us every time our cars passed and once we had hit some traffic they wound down their window and passed us over a piece of paper which seemed to have the boys numbers on them. Exciting to have met some motorway boys, I messaged one of them and asked whether they were heading to France too. Unfortunately, the motorway romance was shortly lived when we realised that they were just heading home to a small village close to Dover.

So we head off to the ferry and we were on our way to France wooo!!


23:00 – Arrived in Calais!!

Still being excited and a little tired by now, we drove on to Paris to our next stop on the journey.

03:00 – Arrived in Paris!!

We decided to have a quick stop off in Paris to see the Eiffel Tower in all its glory.

Eiffell Tower

We were surprised to notice that when we arrived to Paris in the early hours of the morning that there was NO-ONE around and to be quite honest a very scary place. Once we had gauged the driving system (driving on the wrong side of the road) and that Paris has traffic lights on every corner, we found that we were a little lost in the centre of Paris. The capital city was beautiful, but as we were not planning on staying for very long, we wanted to quickly find the Eiffel Tower and head out of town to our next location.

Stupidly mentioning the film Taken (Where the two young girls travelling through Paris get taken by Albanians for trafficking), when became very scared as we drove up to the Eiffel Tower, it was dark and eery and after a quick selfie with the tower we headed off into the dark motorways of Paris towards Poitiers.

05:00 – Something we had realised by this point is that France is covered with Toll roads. We hadn’t calculated this factor into our journey budget and the toll booths are incredibly expensive (Realistically probably cheaper to of bought a flight to be honest haha).

07:00 – At 7am we arrived in Poitiers which is located in west-central France. Fair to say that Katie and I at that point were extremely tired and was definitely too early to enjoy beautiful Poitiers but I am sure that it is a lovely place to go and visit.

08:00 – After a really quick breakfast we were off to Bordeaux!!

13:00 – Arrived for lunch in Bordeaux!!

The city is the hub of the famed wine-growing region and is renowned for creating some beautiful wines. Unfortunately, we were not up for drinking at the time but we enjoyed the amazing architecture and a lovely market which was placed along the river.

Normally I am great with directions but we had parked in a multi-storey car park in an area which looked exactly the same to every other area in Bordeaux. Walking down a number of streets we just could not find the car!! Surprisingly, we were both not too worried at the time and decided to just have a wonder for a couple of hours. When this time had passed we had started to get a little worried that we would never see the car or outside Bordeaux ever again so we used our 3G on our phones to locate the street we believed had the car on.

We finally found the car and we made our way onto our last leg of the jouney Moliets-et-Maa. Woo!!


17:00 – I drove the last leg of the journey and have to say that it was definitely the most difficult. At this point very tired and playing extremely loud music to keep us both going.

But the first sight of the Atlantic ocean pushed us forward and could not wait to see our final destination at surf camp. Finally at 5pm we finally made our destination.

Being extremely keen we kind of did not realised that we arrived a day earlier than everyone else that was travelling on the smelly bus down from Oxford but none the less we had a lovely evening with the camp staff having a BBQ and beers to settle us into camp for the week.


It is fair to say that the drive was not a small one but definitely gave us some great memories and saw a lot of France. The week in Moliets was amazing and there are a few more pictures below.

Let me know if you have any stories about Road Trips through France as I would love to hear them.

Lots of Love,

Evangeline xo









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