Secret Garden Party 2014

SGP – definitely one of the best festivals I have been to yet.

We both headed down to the festival last month with some of our friends from home and university. It is a fairly an annually independent festival near Huntingdon which has been running for 10 years now and would definitely advise anyone to buy tickets for next year. We fortunately had the best weather with blazing sunshine all weekend (Evie was slightly burnt by the end of the weekend).

Here are a few of our photos from the weekend:    

The Dance Off – This was a boxing arena styled stage where two volunteers would dance off against each other and the winner would then go through to the next stage.


From left to right – Emma, Evie, Lily and Natalie

Evie posing with the angel wings.


The theme at SGP was yellow brick road and the large lake in the middle of the festival had a floating Emerald City where you could catch a ride on a boat to enjoy various live DJs.



The Paint Fight – Hundreds of people gathered at the main stage on Sunday to get covered in powered paint.


Another snap shot of us girls.

Slipping into the stream.


Yess of course we took a toilet selfie.


Looking fresh on our way to the festival.


#RTNLabyrinth – One of my favourite stages which is slightly hidden in the forest.



All glittered up.


Just playing the piano….

SGP Playing the piano

We would love to hear your stories from SGP and whether you will be returning next year to one of the best festivals EVER.

Lots of Love,

Evangeline xoxo


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