Moisturiser Review

I think all of us girls have problems finding the right moisturiser that works well with their skin.

I particularly have very sensitive skin which makes it difficult to use cheaper and scented moisturisers.

My personal preference is the Lancome – Hydra Zen day cream, this can be found at every Lacome counters around the UK for £39.50 per 50ml pot.

Moistuiser - Lancome

4.5* out of 5*
I can understand that it is quite expensive for a moisturiser but completely worth it for the lasting smooth skin, that I find hard to obtain with other moisturisers without getting overly oily. I personally use the day cream for day and night use due to the night cream being slightly too heavy for my skin, I would therefore suggest that you save money on buying both of the creams and just use the day cream. I have used this moisturiser for about 6 years now and when I have changed to cheaper alternatives it has only made my skin dry and often spotty. So I am partial to spending that bit extra on my face creams especially to ensure my skin is glowing.

My frien has more a more normal skin type and is therefore able to use a wider range of moisturisers.

Her preference is the Olay Beauty Fluid which can be found at most beauty outlets for a cheaper price of £4.99

.Moisturiser - Olay

4* out of 5*

It leaves her skin sooth and supple with two applications per day (Morning and Night) and her skin is always looking great. Therefore for those of you who don’t want to spend that bit extra on face creams this is definitely a good alternative.

Let us know what face creams you use on a day to day basis and whether you have any suggestions for us to try out.

Lots of Love

Evangeline xoxo


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