Mascara review

Evangeline’s Favourite Mascaras

We are all constantly luring for those long luscious eye lashes as we see advertised on TV and in Magazines but only very occasional I have been able to achieve the desired look.

After years of trying various good and bad mascaras, we have narrowed down our favourite mascaras choosing a cheaper and a more expensive option.

Bourjois Beauty’Full Volume Dark Khol Mascara
Rating – 8/10

I recently bought Bourjois Dark Khol mascara and instantly started to highly recommend the product to everyone. The product is a good price and does exactly what it says it does on the label. Amazing for creating volume and length but can also give a very soft and natural look. Just apply more layers to the lashes if you want a bolder look.

Mascara 2

Lancome Hypnose Drama

Rating – 7/10

This mascara is also personal favourite for me as she has been using the product for years after a recommendation from a family member. The product creates a perfect coat over the eye lashes which elongates and layers perfectly without clumping. The mascara is costly and does seem to run out fairly quickly in comparison to other mascara’s that we have used, but if you are indulging for a quality product we would highly recommend Lancome Hypnose Drama to get those luscious lashes.

Please get into contact with us via Twitter, Instagram or email to let us know what your favourite mascara’s are and why.

Speak soon

Evangeline xo


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